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Sarens choose WTAU brand Load Moment Indicator System for their Lattice Boom Sany cranes
2020-12-23 14:54:38

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It was at the end of 2017. Not long after I came to the company, I also learned about our main target customer groups. One sunny morning, the manager gave me a ranking list of the top 100 crane rental companies in the world. Sarens is on the list. Looking at the ranking of the top 100 cranes in the world, I think that they will all become my customers in the future. I am overjoyed, as if this big cake has already been tightened in my stomach. As everyone knows, everything is difficult at the beginning.

Do simple things repeatedly and do simple things well

Sarens has branches in various countries around the world, and the person in charge of each branch is different. Our strategy is to enter the branch from the headquarters, first find the equipment manager at the Belgian headquarters, and then enter the branch after working with the headquarters.


With the attitude that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, we call customers every week during their working hours. This kind of call will always be ruthlessly hung up by the front desk at the beginning. Every time we were rejected, we conscientiously sum up our experience and skills. After being rejected N times by the front desk, after more than half a year of phone bombing, we finally successfully bypassed the front desk of the headquarters, got the contact information of the head of equipment M, In-depth communication and exchanges of the manager which let customers know that there is a chinese load  moment indicator  system  brand calls  “WTAU”.

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How to let customers know our brand and understand our quality

 The next step is how to let customers know that the WTAU brand load moment indicator system is good and easy to operate. Our company always send EDM emails, similar to the company’s e-journals, and update them to customers, introducing some of the company’s recent major events and the latest cooperation Projects, etc., slowly penetrate customers, so that customers can understand and trust our company in all aspects. At the same time, we have also maintained continuous and irregular telephone communication with customers, and customers have changed from resolutely not using Chinese brand products to contacting us when there is a demand later.


Follow up continuously, keep pace and follow up frequency

When contacting the headquarters, we also attacked various branches around the world. Because of our geographical advantages, the first person we contacted was the heads of various branches in Southeast Asia. Finally, in mid-2018, one of the branches in Southeast Asia sent us an inquiry for 2 units complete set safe load  indicator system. After the quotation, after a long time, the customer did not respond. We continued to keep in touch with the headquarters and the branch at the same time, and finally the customer informed us The original crane computer system of the two cranes has been repaired by their engineers, and there is no need to replace them with new ones. Later, in 2019, the customer inquired several times, but due to various reasons, there was no transaction.

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The best service and the best quality

The turnaround will come in 2020. One day in October, a customer called me to ask the delivery time of two units crawler crane load  moment indicator system , and we replied to the customer within 7 days after the payment. This time, from the inquiry and quotation to the signing of the contract, collection and delivery. We went through all the transaction processes in less than 15 days. However, before starting the cooperation, we have prepared for this order for a full 3 years .I believe that customers choose us not only because our prices are superior to foreign products, but also their recognition of our product quality and service.

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We believe that in the future, Weite will cooperate with more large companies with world influence like Sarens, and Weite will always return customers with the best service and the best quality. Just like Weite’s future vision: to become a global leader in the field of lifting safety management.

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