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Weite Technologies Co., ltd is a national high-tech enterprise located in the "capital of hydroelectricity" -Yichang. Wtau was founded in 2002, located in the new hi-tech zone of Yichang. Wtau is a key company backed by the province of Hubei and committed to research. Developing and producing lifting safety instrumentation, automatic monitoring control system, etc. We are committed to ensuring that lifting equipment works safely ...


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Add.:No.6 Gangcheng Road,Yichang,Free Trade Zone(Hubei) China 443005



Load moment indicator(LMI), crane computer, safe load indicator, Marine CCTV Camera System,Overload limiter,Crane monitoring system,Anemometer, Load cell,Length/angle sensor,A2B Limit switch, Offshore CCTV Camera System,Crane Video Camera System,Crane Safety Management System,Crane Lmi,Crane Rci,Crane Sli, WTL-A700 ,Weite Technologies Co.,Ltd
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