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Weite Support Sany Crane to Serve Ningbo Port
2020-12-14 10:38:47

Recently, the WTZ-A700 overload limiter customized for Sany Heavy Industry Container Gantry Crane by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied to the Far East Terminal of Ningbo Port. The installation and commissioning have been completed and the equipment has been put into use normally.


Ningbo Far East Terminal Management Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture jointly invested by Ningbo Port Group Beilun Third Container Co., Ltd., COSCO Terminals (Ningbo Beilun) Co., Ltd., Orient Overseas Container Terminal (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., and SDIC Transportation Co., Ltd. Reliably berth the largest container ship in the world. Focusing on the goal of Ningbo Port to build a world-class deep-water hub port and an international container ocean trunk port.


The multiple rotary container gantry cranes customized by Sany Heavy Industry for Ningbo Far East Terminal Management Co., Ltd. have all been installed and debugged. At the beginning of the project, the WTAU technicians and Sany engineers made in-depth equipment overload protection and other technical agreement requirements. After communication, Weite finally determined the overload limiter model WTZ-A700 for Sany Heavy Industry.



In the process of customizing WTZ-A700 instrument with Sany this time, many new technologies and innovative applications are adopted. In order to make the communication between other control boxes and modules more stable during the use of the instrument, each sensor adopts 485 Communicate with optical fiber, thereby reducing communication interference problems.


WTZ-A700 overload limiter is a powerful and widely used overload limiter. The container gantry cranes at Ningbo Far East Terminal have higher requirements for lifting containers during work. The cargo in the container may be light on one side and heavy on the other side during work . In this case, uneven force of the lifting wire rope will be caused, and the lifting weight of the four lifting points will be too large, resulting in the lifting of a single lifting point. The overload of the wire rope can easily cause safety accidents. In order to solve this problem, the WTZ-A700 instrument adopts advanced algorithms, through data analysis and processing, to achieve a separate display of the weight of each lifting point. Through calculation and analysis, the eccentric load around the four lifting points can be judged. Beyond the safety range, the instrument can output sound and light alarms and transmit control instructions to prevent lifting equipment from operating to unsafe areas.


In addition, the container gantry crane needs to accurately drop the spreader onto the container during work. When the spreader is in place, the wire rope will loosen without force. If the wire rope is dropped too much due to improper operation, the wire rope will fall out of the groove, which is very easy to cause accidents. The WTZ-A700 instrument just solves this problem. When the spreader touches the container, the lifting wire rope is loosened. When it is not stressed, the rope protection is loosened, and the instrument will give an alarm to remind the driver to avoid accidents.


This type of instrument also has a sound and light alarm function. When the actual working condition parameters are about to reach the preset limit value, the instrument will send out an audible and visual alarm prompt. When the preset limit value is reached, the alarm will also output a safety control signal. , To ensure the safety of equipment personnel. Multi-level password protection function, can set the modification authority and prevent unrelated personnel from modifying at will. Carry out hierarchical management mode, original parameter backup and restore function, once the data is set incorrectly and can not work normally, you can use this function to restore the initial state.


The applicable equipment is also wider. Configuration software design, more stable and more convenient to select operating system according to equipment, USB data export function; can be extended to realize remote network monitoring function, PLC communication, users can monitor crane operations at any location through the Internet remote monitoring platform. So as to realize the remote control functions of the Internet of things such as remote lock, remote maintenance, online upgrade.

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