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    Wireless Load Moment Indicator System for Pipelayer

    WT-W330V-wireless crane lmi system for sideboom pipelayer
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    Load Moment Indicator
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 Wireless Load Moment Indicator System for Pipelayer

WT - W330V load moment indicator is WTAU production for crane safety protection , mainly used  for real-time monitoring and alarm of crane running state, banned the cranerun under dangerous status . In the process of the operation of the crane, through real-time monitoring of safety production of the crane, risk early warning and banned towards dangerous operation, this product can effectively improve crane safety in the process of use.

pipelayer technical solution.png

Main Technical Parameter

ItemTechnical   parameter
Measuring range0   ~ +99.99T or 0~999.9T
Resolution ratio0.   1T
Comprehensive precision±5%(F.S.)
 Working voltageDC24±10%
Environment temperature-20℃~ +60℃
Relative humidity95%(25℃)
Action error<±3%(F.S.)
Relay contact capacity220VAC   7A
Load sensor IP gradeIP66
Wireless module IP gradeIP65
Display IP gradeIP66
Setting modeManual   preset weight, angle
Outside dimensions(excluding support)(L*W*H)   230*150*74mm

Application Case

12-12 pipe layer installation cas.png

How Does the wireless pipelayer load moment indicator system working?

In case of overloading, the sound-light alarm of the load indicator will be triggered and signals will be sent out. Together with the Peripheral Control Circuit of the crane, it stops the  crane from moving towards dangerous directions (for instance, lifting the hook). Operators should first and foremost reduce the weight or move the crane towards safety directions  (for instance, lower down the hook) until the alarm stops. Then, proceed to further operations of the crane.


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