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    Winch Load Tension Meter System

    Anchor winch load monitoring system -WT-W630V
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Why you need Winch Load Tension Meter System? 

Weite Winch Load Tension, Speed and payout monitoring system with alarm for max.load,max.payout and speed, color changing and relay action.

In order to avoid the vicious accident of breaking the cable due to excessive tension when the anchor is broken, the steel wire rope of the windlass will break due to the uncertainty of the load during the working process, resulting in economic losses, and even the anchor head due to excessive tension. Cause the steel rope to break and the anchor head to be lost. Therefore, in the process of using the wire rope, it is of great significance to detect the actual tension and its changes in the design,installation, use and maintenance of the wire rope.

Product Introduction

WT-W630V adopts microcomputer  control  or industrial standard PC104  machine as Control core,modular structure,all keystrokes,liquid crystal display(LCD) with high precision,stable performance,reliable  operation ,easy installation  and debugging,etc and digital display, sound and light alarm, power protection , etc.Because of using open software design,this series of products have strong field programming ability,windlass devices under various working conditions of parameter setting or change,all can finish through the instrument panel of buttons,  make it simple  and intuitive debugging.

Function Introduction

This Product is a  combination of electronic technology and microcomputer technology.Main functions are as  follows:

1. Automatic test equipment of all kinds of signals input them to instrument,and microcomputer processing .Such as :weight signal.The meter can display preset parameters under various  working conditions.Such as :the reted weight ,actual weight;

2.System can automatically continus sampling parameters on the performance of the windlass,real-time tracking,microcomputer arithmetic,comparison,judgment,ready to send out sound and light alarm,display parameters  at the same time ,and cut off the windlass to dangerous direction circuit,at the same time allow it to run in the direction of security and safety so as to realize  the automatic control;

3.Anti delay  jitter when inputting parameters,data  protection when unexpected power outages,storage of data can  be stored for 10  years;

4.Password to prevent the parameters set by mistake;

5.Host has good generality,can meet the demand of the worksite by changing the software ,special requirements can be customized.

Parameters of Winch Load Tension Meter System

1.Working Voltage:DC12V-24V  or  AC220V

2.Product featureswith the function of data records and storage capabilities

3.Working temperature:-30°~70°

4.Working Humidity:20~90%RH(Prohibit dew)

5.Power Consumption:<35W

6.Alarm volume:>60db

7.System  Error:≤±3%

8.Work Style:Continuous

9.IP Grade:indoor part IP67 ,outdoor part IP65

10.Control  Relay:Capacity AC220V 5A

Semi-submersible Platform Windlass  Load  Sensor(WS-ZS-500T) Parameters

1.Range :50~500t



4.Input Resistance:380±20Ω

5.Insulation Resistance:5000MΩ

6.The biggest bridge Voltage:15v

7.Safe Overload:120% F.S.

Temperature Range:-30°~70°

Output Signal:0~20mV voltage analog  signals

Material:Stainless  Steel

Technical Solution

winch weighing  system-1.png

Application Cases


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