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    Wind Speed & Wind Direction Sensor

    WTF-B(510)-Wind vane anemometer
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WTF-B(510) wind vane anemometer (Wind Speed  & Wind Direction Sensor) offers users a very effective easy to use solution for monitoring wind speed and wind direction.

A whole set of WTF-B(510) wind vane anemometer includes WTF-B(510) display, WFS-1 wind speed sensor, SC/FX wind direction sensor and cables.


◆ Automatically detect the signals of wind speed and direction and put into the instrument for micro computer processing.

◆ Show the preset parameters under different conditions.

◆ Input parameters and delay jitter has the function of data off electricity keep function.

Data Logger Can Be Customized

When monitoring value reaches preset value of the monitor, sending out sound and light alarm signal, which can control by output switch signal. The anemometer  monitor with circulation records data function, record period is 1 minute, with more than 50000 records storage functions , the recording time of the histrical  data  can be set as needed ,and the  histrical data records can be download from the anemometer  monitor by U disk.





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