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    WT-WS 5400
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WT-WS 5400 Passive Fourier Transform Infrared Remote Sensing Analyzer is based on passive Fourier Transform Infrared Remote Sensing analysis technology, which can perform qualitative, quantitative, positioning and imaging analysis on the toxic gases to be measured in the atmospheric environment from a long distance. The product uses the infrared spectrum fingerprint feature information generated by the equivalent radiation brightness temperature difference between the gas to be measured and the remote measurement background to realize rapid and high-sensitivity qualitative identification and semi-quantitative concentration inversion analysis of various toxic and harmful gases; real-time presentation of toxic and harmful pollution The dynamic distribution and diffusion trend of gas in the scanning area, and sound and light early warning for gas exceeding the standard. The instrument can realize 360°, pitch ±60° rotation scanning, and the scanning monitoring radius reaches 5km.

Product Features 

Powerful Detection Ability

+ Level adopts a high-performance and long-life Stirling cooling type MCT detector, and the detection sensitivity reaches ppb

+ 5 equipped with k and m precision optical scanning pan/tilt, horizontal 360° scanning, pitch ±60°, monitoring radius up to

+ With high-speed and stable optical-mechanical hardware system, it can realize fast scanning of 4cm-1/32 frames per second

Reliable Environmental Adaptability

+ Working temperature: -20℃ ~50℃

+ Storage temperature: -40℃ ~50℃

+ Explosion-proof class: Ex db IIB T4 Gb

+ Protection class: IP65

+ Load resistance, general vibration, suitable for fastening parts, vibration resistance: full performance of vibration instrument, 

JB is sufficient for 1 vibration and 50 vibrations. , shipboard, aircraft

Advanced Software Algorithms

+ Meet the detection and identification of hundreds of industrial compounds (TICs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs)

+ It has the ability to detect multiple mixtures, but can realize the detection and identification of a minimum of 6 kinds of mixture gas substances

+ No external excitation light source is required, and it can also detect and identify in complex dark environment backgrounds

+ Optimized algorithms for instrument self-inspection, self-calibration, path interference diagnosis, water vapor compensation, etc.

Powerful Product Function

+ Information backup, multi-storage function, and monitoring and other monitoring and other monitoring terminal needs are met, and the daily support function is sufficient to support environmental monitoring, threat identification, sound and light alarm, and information

+ The mobile function of the product is supported by the body, customized in the mobile system, and the mobile system can perform loading tasks in vehicles, ships, helicopters, drones, etc.

Low Maintenance Cost

+ Exquisite structural design, simple installation and convenient operation

+ Using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy detection technology, long-distance non-contact sampling

+ No consumables, no radioactive sources, no secondary pollution, and extremely low maintenance costs 

Technical Parameters 

technical parameters.png

Application Field 

Passive infrared remote sensing analyzers can be widely used in national defense, emergency response, anti-terrorism, environmental monitoring, fire protection, petroleum, chemical industry parks, emergency monitoring of sudden chemical accidents, large-scale event security, long-distance detection of gas leakage, long-distance analysis of air pollution, industrial Production pollutant discharge monitoring and other fields.

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