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    Offshore Crane CCTV Camera system

    Explosion-proof CCTV Camera system for Offshore crane Oil&Gas Industry
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    Offshore crane CCTV system
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Offshore Crane CCTV Camera system


In the actual production and hoisting process, due to the complex environment of the offshore platform, all kinds of equipment and structural parts can be seen everywhere. The cranes on the same platform carry out different types of work at the same time, and the above characteristics determine the hanging. The machine operator must have a broad field of vision and know the current working parameters of the crane. In the process of lifting the crane in the dead angle, the crane and the operator cooperate with each other, the operation requirements of the crane operator and various data monitoring requirements. It will be further improved. Otherwise, the hoisting operation will take a lot of time and is prone to hoisting accidents, which will endanger the safety of the crane and the operators and ground personnel.

Therefore, the offshore platform crane needs to install a comprehensive safety monitoring system for each working link of the crane, various safety points, various working conditions and various instructions, to ensure the safe operation of the lifting equipment, operators Safety, improve work efficiency and reduce safety hazards.

Why Choose Wtau Offshore Crane CCTV Camera System?

1.Information processing:Processing and control output of system information acquisition source

2.Record storage: crane running status and fault information are recorded and stored in real time

3.Display alarm: display the running status of the crane in graphic mode with sound and light prompts

4.Self-test stop: with self-test function and stop when equipment fails

5.Video surveillance: video surveillance of hazardous areas and lifting points

6.Remote transmission (optional): remote transmission of data and background



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