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Xinjiang water bridge machine monitoring project successfully accepted
2024-04-01 15:10:10


The Kumarak River originates in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains. After the clear river water merges into the Aksu River, it will become the largest source of the Tarim River and flow through the Tarim Basin, the largest inland basin in my country. The power station we see in the picture is Located on the Kumarak River.



Here, we are going to upgrade and transform the safety protection device of the 200T bridge crane in the hydropower station. Operators in the cab and central control room need to see real-time images of bridge crane operations simultaneously, and the safety monitoring and management system assists operators in precise operations and safe production.



The biggest inconvenience is living near the power station. There are no lively markets and no hotels for shelter, so we can only stock up on enough supplies in advance and build temporary shelters in containers.



Have you ever heard a wolf howl?

The howls of wolves in the early morning often come and go, adding a little life to this vast land.



Fortunately, our technical team's solid foundation, reasonable division of labor, positive attitude, and tacit cooperation made the project progress beyond imagination. Installation and debugging were completed in one go, and inspection and acceptance were completed in one step.


The upgraded system solves the problem of blind spots in the operator's field of vision. It not only facilitates the operator to observe the entire hoisting process, but also provides alarms and control of dangerous actions. The central control room synchronizes real-time images on site, ensuring operational safety while also improving operational efficiency.

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