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Why choose WTL-A700 crane lmi system?
2022-08-02 08:46:21

What’s Load Moment Indictor Meaning?

Load Moment Indicator (LMI), also known as Rated Capacity Indicators (RCI),  or a Safe Load Indicator (SLI) or an Automatic Safe Load Indicator (ASLI)

is a device which is installed on mobile or portal cranes to alert the operator if the lift is exceeding the safe operating range of the crane. In some cases, the device will physically lock

the machinery in circumstances it determines to be unsafe. LMI systems are usually composed of a microprocessor connected to various sensors on the crane itself. The LMI

measures the angle and extension of the boom along with the load weight and compares this with the manufacturer's specifications to determine if the lift is safe.

A safe load indicator has the capability of detecting the angle, weight of load lifted, and ground radius of any lifting device. It controls the lifting equipment to the level that it tries to

keep the crane functioning as per the manufacturer's suggested safety charts. The crane is fitted with multiple sensors, for each of the measured parameters, which are then further

displayed in the operator's cabin for his benefit.

How Does a Load Moment Indicator Alarm Working?

Sound and light alarm function: when the crane boom work amplitude limit close to work, when lifting load and torque device close to the permitted load limit, torque system issued a

warning of slow beeping sound. Warning lights flashing slowly torque system.

When jib frame work scope to work limit, when the lifting load and torque reaches equipment when the permitted load limit moment send urgent alarm beeping sound. Shortness of

loading system alarm indicating three color warning light flashing.


The LMI is an operational aid that warns a crane operator of approaching overload conditions and over hoist conditions that could cause damage to equipment and personnel.

The device is not, and shall not, be a substitute for good operator judgment, experience and use of accepted safe crane operating procedures.

The responsibility for the safe crane operation shall remain with the crane operator who shall ensure that all warnings and instructions supplied are fully understood and observed.

Prior to operating the crane, the operator must carefully and thoroughly read and understand the information in this manual to ensure that he knows the operation and limitations of

 indicator and crane.

Proper functioning depends upon proper daily inspection and observance of the operating instructions set forth in the operators manual

Why Choose WTAU Brand Crane Load Moment Indicator System?

Our WTL-A700 crane safe load indicator (SLI) can be fitted with any type crane that is used to alert the operator if the lift is exceeding the range. Our Offered systems are

manufactured using excellent quality components. So, You can rest assured that our crane safe load indicators give you a long functional life and hassle free performance.

WTAU Brand LMI System Advantages:

•    Easy to Install

•    Accurate display of value

•    Excellent Sensing

•    High Performance

•    Low Maintenance

•    Can fitted with all types (mobile, crawler, tower etc) cranes

•    An optional data logger that can be used to record all the lifting activity

•    All Our Indicators comes with the 1-year warranty.

If you’re looking for crane indicators that save time and money, the WTL-A700 safe load indicator is a fully capable LMI at a cost-effective price. The WTL-A700 LMI is perfect for telescopic boom cranes & lattice boom crawler cranes giving you all the benefits of a crane safety system without all the expense.  The 8” full color touched LCD display is easy to read in bright sunlight and has selectable units and languages (English & Spanish).  It is rated IP65 for use in open and closed cabs. The WTL-A700 will monitor the load, capacity, boom angle, length, radius and ATB on both hoist lines.  All WTL-A700 LMIs for mobile cranes & crawler cranes can be sent pre-calibrated and load charts and calibration data can be saved or uploaded via a USB connection.

WTAU focusing on crane lifting equipment safety management since 2002.China leading brand OEM manufacturer of load moment indicator system. 

The Trusted Crane Lmi System supplier for  top 100 crane owning companies like Sarens,Tiong Woon,Tat Hong, Asiagroup, Big Crane, and Top 500 companies such as ABB, 

Macgragor,TTS,Saudi Aramco,Chevron,CNOOC, COSL, SINOPEC,etc  . Products are been sold to over 60 countries and regions globally.


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