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What you need to know about crane safe load indicators (2/2)
2019-06-06 14:11:27

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There are many advantages of using safe load indicator(SLI)– from cost reductions and better control to safety.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing:

During manufacturing of heavy equipment, crane safe load indicators are increasingly used as hanging scales. This prevents the need for the manufactured products to continuously move back and forth to truck-based scales for weighing. This helps reduces manufacturing time, and is more productive.

Advanced Stock Management:

Stock control and stock management have also become quite easy, thanks to safe load indicators that are attached to low height industrial cranes. Movement of stock for weighing purposes is reduced thus reducing a time taken to manage stock and also reducing wastage that we caused during moving of stock.

Minimized Truck Overloading:

Since goods containers are being weighed automatically through safe load indicators when they are hanging on the crane, it helps in avoiding overloading of trucks.

High-Temperature Sites:

In high-temperature applications, a hanging crane scale is very useful. Because the Safe load indicator devices work as wireless weight scales.

Ship Manufacturing Sites:

Crane safe load indicators are not only used at shipyards to move and dock containers. In fact, they are also used at ship manufacturing sites where each section of the ship needs to be weighted for stability and density. By keeping each part through the crane safe load indicator, ship manufacturing companies know the exact weight of the ship upon completion.

Cable Tension Tests:

Crane safe load indicators are used to test cable tension for high tension overhead electricity cables by using as a dynamometers load cell.

Meeting safety legislation:

Safe load indicators prevent overloading and help in abiding by safety regulations set under industrial rules and regulations.

Use in Marine Industry:

Crane safe load indicators are also extensively used in the marine industry. They are used to measure the force felt by underwater fishing nets using electric dynamometer's.

Another benefit of crane safe load indicator is to ensure that marine vessels are not overloaded. They are particularly helpful in weighing, loading and unloading fuel. Overloading of fuel is extremely risky and dangerous for both the vessels as well as the sea. If the fuel spills, it could be disastrous for aquatic life.


Crane safe load indicators are a very useful invention and serve many purposes across industries. The benefits of safe load indicators are widespread. They are not only minimizing loss of material and equipment but also minimize loss of lives for workers who are working in close proximity to load lifting cranes.

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