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Weite WTL-A700 Load Moment Indicator System escorted china’s first shallow-water submerged salvage engineering ship-Defu 1200
2021-12-23 14:37:34


Recently,China’s first shallow-water submerged salvage engineering vessel "Defu 1200", provided by Weite’s safety solutions, slowly left Wuhan Chuanji Haixi Heavy Machinery Wharf under China State Shipbuilding Corporation, marking the official delivery of the project to the Ministry of Yantai Salvage Transport Bureau.


In china, independent research and development and production of large-tonnage crane ships, due to the force structure, sensor installation method selection and use environment, wire rope weight, tension and many other external environments, large-tonnage lifting equipment is prone to display weight accuracy. The error caused by the large tonnage crane ship is unable to complete lifting, assembling precision equipment or working under complicated working conditions. When the lifting equipment displays inaccurate weight accuracy, it is also prone to full load or overload, which may cause safety accidents such as hull overturning, wire rope breakage, and boom damage or breakage. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the error of lifting equipment display weight accuracy.


Weite has made full use of its rich field experience and innovative technology to make breakthroughs in the field of safe lifting of large-tonnage crane vessels.

Weite WTL-A700 load moment indicator(lmi/sli/rci) uses parameters under different working conditions to perform comprehensive monitoring and judgment to achieve the goal of accurate weighing of lifting equipment, improve lifting efficiency with simple and convenient operation, visual supervision, abnormal warning, and alarm functions , To ensure the safety and reliability of lifting equipment. At the same time, WTL-A700 rated capacity indicator(rci) can also be customized according to different lifting equipment models and working environment to meet different user needs.


Professional customization

Meet demand


After several cooperation and technical exchanges with Haixi Heavy Machinery Terminal in the early stage, the WTL-A700 safe load moment indicator system special designed for "Defu 1200" this time.

Designed in strict accordance with the international standard requirements of offshore cranes and optimized the force structure, including the selection of the main engine, electric control box, and various sensors, which strictly meet the working requirements of the marine environment, and improve the "Defu 1200" High performance, reliability and safety under complex marine environment operating conditions.




Data support

Accurate weighing


Aiming at the problem of insufficient weight accuracy of "Defu 1200" this time, more advanced algorithms and data calibration modes have been adopted, and data correction functions and automatic data entry functions have been implemented.


The instrument can be input in various states, such as data input in multiple modes such as height, luffing, and rotation, which greatly improves the accuracy of the data. And it can be corrected according to the height, amplitude, bearing, command and other multi-directional data to ensure the weight accuracy.


WTL-A700 load monitoring system display monitor


Visual supervision

Safe and flexible


The whole process of hoisting is displayed in real time through on-site surveillance video to ensure that relevant personnel can grasp the actual situation of the hoisting process in time. The system is also equipped with abnormal early warning and alarm functions. Once the lifting load is abnormal, the system will issue an early warning in time to remind relevant personnel to take countermeasures.


Two safety protection modes are used on site to protect the equipment. The first is the communication mode, which uses one backup to communicate the relevant data to the PLC in real time, and the second is the relay of the modular instrument itself to output a signal to the PLC. , To prevent accidental appearance in single mode, greatly improving the safety protection function.


Real-time monitoring of loading screen


easy to Operate

Reliable performance


The WTL-A700 crane safety devices equipped for "Defu 1200" this time supports multiple communication protocols such as 485, 232, and Ethernet. The key data such as the operating handle signal of the device and the altitude working condition can be displayed and saved in real time, so that The operator's operation is more intuitive and convenient.

At the same time, the instrument is also compatible with the function of the self-developed current accurate weighing system. It can perform accurate weighing through communication with the PLC inverter, reducing the overall error to 2%, successfully solving the "Defu 1200" accurate weighing Heavy problems.


Panorama of Haixi Heavy Machinery Wharf


The smooth delivery of "Defu 1200" is another successful cooperation between Weite and Qingdao Haixi after the 3600T floating crane and the 1200T pile-inserting rescue and salvage engineering ship project. It has laid a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation between the two parties. Boost the construction of a maritime power and provide a strong guarantee.

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