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Weite Supports Hengtong First Airlines 650T crane!
2021-09-07 16:50:11

At present, the WTL-A700 safe load indicator system developed by Weite has been installed on the 650T crane ship of Hengtong Yihang Ship by Wuxi Jiangnan Ship. The end customer installation and commissioning have been completed and the system performace is good, which won praise from customers.


Founded in 1988, Wuxi Jiangnan Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of deck machinery for inland rivers, ocean ships, military ships, and offshore oil platforms. The factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters and the production space is 4,500 square meters. Machining equipment includes planer,, boring machine, hobbing machine, large-scale machine tools and other equipment. The company cooperates with 708 Research Institute, German Rexroth Company, etc., and mainly produces all kinds of hydraulic cranes, hydraulic windlass, hydraulic mooring winches, boat cranes, davits, and various special marine deck machinery products. The products are used in scientific research ships, naval ships, "COSCO Shipping" survey ships, "815" electronic reconnaissance ships, National Defense Science and Industry Commission oil tankers, tugboats, cargo ships, engineering ships, car and passenger ferry, and foreign oil tankers, liquefied gas ships, Bulk cargo ships and slipway winches are matched.

 650t crane barge-1.jpg

Hengtong Yihang 650T crane vessel


Hengtong Yihang is a steel four-leg wind power work platform with a length of 79m, a width of 38m, and a depth of 6.8m. The platform is equipped with a 650t@30m full-slewing crane, a 150t@24m pile auxiliary crane, and the bow. Two 600KW and two 1300KW azimuth rudder propellers at the stern can achieve precise positioning in the wind farm through the DP1 dynamic positioning system, and have the storage capacity of 2 sets of 6MW wind turbine components. The offshore wind turbine can be hoisted and installed at a water depth of 35m or less. Fan foundation construction work.


The construction of the "Hengtong Yihang" platform not only demonstrates Hengtong's comprehensive strength in the field of marine equipment, but also marks the expansion of Hengtong in the field of marine engineering equipment. It will expand the Hengtong brand and expand the extension of the marine engineering industry chain. Contribute to building a world-class marine communications and energy interconnection system service provider.

crane barge-2.jpg

WTL-A700 Load Moment Indicator System


The Hengtong First Hang 650T crane equipped with WTAU brand WTL-A700 load moment limiter this time, which displays the weight of each hook, the amplitude range under the current angle, and the sea wind speed level in real time. Meet the requirements of different curves under various working conditions such as floating and jacking; simple debugging, with data storage function, can save and download the historical state of the crane, and view the historical state of the crane at any time.

WTL-A700 load monitoring system is a multifunctional, high-performance, intelligent human-computer interaction high-end crane safety monitoring device, which is mainly used for lifting equipment with complex monitoring signals on offshore platforms.

crane barge-3.jpg

650T crane ship counterweight loading test


Weite’s engineer determined the detailed plan through early communication with Jiangnan Ships, and cooperated closely with the shipowner Hengtong Lande and the supporting factory Jiangnan on the spot to solve the emergent problems on the spot according to the actual situation and implement the plan according to the plan. Overload test counterweight and multi-point calibration for different tonnages to ensure the accuracy of tonnage. The maximum counterweight is 715T! Successfully passed the one-time inspection of the classification society!

 angle sensor-4.jpg

Weite special JD-180R angle sensor


At the same time, a JD-180R type angle sensor consisting of a potentiometer and a pendulum is installed at the root of the boom. The measuring range is -10°~+110°. JD-180R can be installed on the boom of a crane. The angle of the boom to the ground is measured by rotating the potentiometer driven by the heavy hammer, and the corresponding voltage value is output. This goniometer is widely used in luffing cranes. Installation is simple and convenient, with high accuracy!



Weite ZX type 100T load cell and three-pulley type load cell


Weite also customized the ZX-100T load cell and three-pulley load cell according to its structural parts, the diameter of the wire rope and the maximum tensile force, which can detect the tension of the lifting wire rope in real time, and provide accurate data for the counterweight to ensure the operation of the equipment. More safe and reliable!

 crane barge-6.jpg

At present, Hengtong Yihang has successfully passed the Sutong Yangtze River Bridge and went to the offshore wind power project to be put into use. Weite escort Hengtong First Airlines 650T! Weite has been recognized by more and more large-scale floating crane equipment manufacturers and has become the preferred brand of large-scale service providers!

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