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Weite support new crane safety monitoring devices for Xiakou Port dock floating crane
2020-04-22 14:09:18

Recently, Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. worked together with Xingshan Xiakou Port to install some safety protection devices for floating cranes and cargo funiculars  in Xiakou Port. At present, the project has been finished and already put into use successfully.



Picture of floating crane and installation of instruments and sensors

The original floating crane only has a mechanical limit device in lifting weight and range, but the operator has no intuitive numbers and clear alarm prompts. After communicated  with Weite Company, Weite quickly organized technicians to the port and installed weight, angle and height mechanical limit devices for the floating crane.

By adding WTAU safety monitoring device on  the floating crane, the driver can control the working status of the equipment during the lifting process of the floating crane in real time through the monitor of the installed WTAU  WTL-A220 safe load indicator  system  while operating. When in the safe range, the load moment indicator will promptly emit an early warning beep to remind the driver to pay attention to the operation. When the over-safety range is reached, the instrument will issue control commands and control the crane's movements, which can ensure the safe operation of the equipment and prevent potential safety hazards caused by the driver's misoperation.


The appearance of the cargo funiculars and the newly equipped instruments and sensors

In addition, the operation of the original cargo funiculars depends entirely on the operator's skilled experiences. The up and down parking of the equipment must be controlled by the operator. The equipment has no other safety protection devices. The equipment is easy to cause the safety of the broken wire rope due to improper operation accident.

In this cooperation, weite technicians specially designed a safety device according to the special environment of the equipment after arrival the site. By installing a laser ranging monitor, you can control the use of the device in real time. When the cargo funiculars runs to a certain position, the instrument will issue an early warning prompt. When the equipment is in place, the instrument will directly cut off the control circuit of the equipment, so that the equipment cannot continue to operate in an unsafe direction, and can only operate in a safe direction.

After the completion of this installation and commissioning, the customer repeated tests can effectively control the safety of the equipment. Even the improper operation of the operator will not cause the previous phenomenon of breaking the wire rope, effectively ensuring the efficient operation of safe production.After that, the customer gave a high evaluation, and said that they will start other equipment renovation plan in the near future.

The cooperation between Weite and Xingshan Xiakou Port successfully solved the actual needs for customers, added safety guarantee for the equipment, and made the operation of the equipment more safe and reliable.

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