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Weite Story: The Dream Chasers of Sichuan-Tibet Movies
2024-03-25 14:02:19


The Sichuan-Tibet Line is China's National Highway 318. It is a winding highway that spans the two provinces of Sichuan and Tibet, with a total length of approximately 5,476 kilometers. This highway is known as "China's most beautiful landscape avenue". The picturesque scenery along the way attracts countless self-driving enthusiasts. However, for a salesperson like me, 318 is not only a beautiful highway, but also national-level projects such as Sichuan-Chongqing, Jinshang-Shanghai, the Yebatan Power Station with an installed capacity of 2.44 million kilowatts, and the Sichuan-Tibet Railway. These projects are of great significance to The temptation for a salesperson is huge.


Preliminary exploration of 318. After the National Day holiday, I contacted the customer via phone call for a project with nearly 20 pieces of equipment such as cable cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, and truck cranes. The operating environment was very complex, and it was necessary to build an overall anti-collision system, so we communicated and thought about it. When I visited in person, the customer said it was a bit inconvenient because it was too far away. It would be best if you could come and communicate in person, so I bought a ticket for the next day. Before departure, my understanding of 318 was limited to its beautiful scenery, and I was full of anxiety about this trip because I saw from the Internet that Route 318 is the peak season for self-driving travel, and there are videos of traffic jams everywhere, which lasted most of the day. Although everything was unknown, the chief engineer and I still got on the bus on National Highway 318. At that time, there was no direct shuttle bus to the destination, so we had to take a private car that had to back up several times. We got on the bus at 7 a.m. I sat there until 11 o'clock in the evening. In addition, I had a high fever for the first time. When I got off the bus, I felt that my legs were no longer working and my head hurt a lot. It felt like I had no hope of life.


But it was this trip that allowed me to see the true charm of 318 and increase my life experience. Next time we chat, I can proudly tell the stories of 318 on the road, and at the same time let customers feel our Sincerely, we surveyed the site together the next day. The site situation was very complicated. There were cable cranes operating in the air, gates, tower cranes, and 10 truck cranes on the ground. They were operating simultaneously in a three-dimensional space and a small working environment. After the investigation, we made detailed The construction plan has been recognized by the customer through the Beidou plus radar and data anti-collision solution. After that, I also visited the Jinshang Project and the Sichuan-Tibet Project of CCCC, and found good sales opportunities. Although I faced the same journey on the return trip, I felt a little relieved when I went back with the sales opportunities.



The second time we went to 318, and we kept in touch with customers by phone. At the beginning of July, the customers called us and asked us to report to their owners, supervisors, etc. in person. In this way, we got another terrible car experience coupon. The next day, I packed my bags and embarked on the 318 exploration journey alone.


After arriving at the project, I directly reported to the owners, supervisors, customers, etc., and faced various questions and doubts raised by them. This was also the first time that I had to communicate with multiple people by myself. However, after several years of sales training, I also did not I was scared, but finally answered their questions one by one. When I returned, the project leader told me that it shouldn’t be a big problem and we could stock up. When I heard the news, I felt relieved at the moment. The 318 in my eyes was particularly beautiful.


Third trip to 318. At the end of October, the contract was finalized, and we needed to go over to implement the issue of acceptance of the goods. So we set foot on 318 again. After a day's journey, we finally arrived at the project department and communicated with the customer. Customer feedback was due to The construction period was tight, and the weather was getting colder and colder in the future. We needed to add after-sales service personnel to shorten the construction period, so we arranged to add more engineers the next day. At the same time, we also received a call from home that something was urgent and we needed to go back. The next day we had to go back. I was in a hurry to go back, so I experienced 14+ hours of driving twice in three days.


The fourth time I walked to 318, it was already the end of December before I knew it, and I suddenly realized the passage of time. When we submitted our year-end transcripts, we were required to pay 50% of the payment according to the contract requirements. At the end of the year, due to various reasons, we had not paid it. If the payment was not available, it would have a great impact on us. In this way, Li and I We embarked on the 318 journey together. After face-to-face communication, the customer also recognized our products and services. At that time, he promised to do everything possible to pay us before December 31st. In the end, the customer also paid us the payment as required by the contract. We paid in full.


After returning to the company, I shared what I saw, heard and learned on National Highway 318 with my colleagues. We discussed together how to better serve customers and how to make customers recognize our products for them. How to gain an advantage in this highly competitive market. And in this process, I found that my communication skills and business abilities have been greatly improved.


Looking back on these four 318 trips, I deeply feel that I have grown from an ignorant salesperson to a more mature and confident salesperson. This journey not only allowed me to gain the trust and support of my customers, but also allowed me to gain more experience and learn how to face challenges and grow in adversity. I believe that in my future sales career, I will be more courageous to meet challenges, constantly improve myself, and create more value for customers. I also understand that as a salesperson, our mission is not only to complete performance, but also to solve problems for customers and provide valuable solutions, so as to continuously improve ourselves in every sales process and become a better salesperson. good person. Only in this way can we remain invincible in this ever-changing market.


Although 2023 will be busy, it will be fulfilling. We are always paying attention to the needs of users and moving forward courageously on the road to providing users with valuable products and services.


Come on 2024, just do it!

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