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Weite Service 3500T floating crane once again assists the construction of Russia's Zvezda Shipyard
2024-05-31 15:25:23

Recently, "Weite" appeared again in Russia's Zvezda Shipyard. With the completion of the 3500T floating crane load test, the Weite WTL-A700 torque limiter officially started its important mission of protecting lifting safety.



Russia's Zvezda Shipyard is currently the most modern and powerful shipyard in Russia. The unparalleled lifting capacity and maneuverability of the 3500T floating crane will play a huge role in shipyard construction and post-production manufacturing.

A floating crane is a floating platform carrying a crane. It can be moved to any desired place in the port, either to berth or to an anchorage to transfer cargo to ships.



Different from traditional crane ship torque limiters, this 3500T floating crane adopts a variable amplitude force extraction method. On-site technical service engineers have successively made optimization adjustments to the debugging methods and program algorithms.




The single-hook and four-hook cranes were debugged and calibrated in sequence, overcoming the difficulty of on-site counterweight mismatch, and finally achieving full scale verification of weighing accuracy within 3%, fully meeting the user's needs.



Single hook test lifting

The single hook weighs 875 tons, and there was no suitable counterweight combination on site. The debugging plan was adjusted several times, and it took several days and nights to finally complete the debugging of all hooks.



Actively coordinating personnel from the shipyard, crane factory, sailors and other parties, everyone worked together to successfully complete the commissioning project, and also learned a lot of Russian for this purpose.




Weite once again used our strength to prove to users that we are the preferred brand for safety solutions for large lifting equipment. The WTL-A700 torque limiter has lived up to expectations and is far ahead in the field of safety protection devices for complex lifting equipment.

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