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Weite intelligent operation and maintenance system promotes intelligent enterprise management
2024-06-11 16:44:05

Panzhihua, a city like spring and flowers all year round, is located in the mountains in the hinterland of West China. At this time, in the hot foundry building, a large-scale metallurgical crane intelligent monitoring and operation and maintenance system is running smoothly. From data monitoring of cranes to dynamic operation and maintenance management, the entire process uses informatization to drive industrialization and is promoting intelligent enterprise management.



Due to the complex structure of steel plants and the harsh environment, safety control is actually quite strict. However, equipment failures and safety accidents caused by equipment maintenance problems still occur in endlessly every year. In order to reduce the potential safety hazards of personnel repeatedly getting on and off the crane and make up for the loopholes and deficiencies of manual maintenance, this metallurgical crane intelligent monitoring and operation and maintenance system will change the application characteristics of the traditional monitoring system of "after-the-fact effort" and provide more accurate information for management and users. Provide equipment maintenance information support and equipment troubleshooting technical assistance as early as possible.



The night before the phased acceptance of the project, in order to ensure that the system was used flawlessly, Weite engineers were busy until two in the morning, checking the plc agreement over and over again.



Engineers left their footprints step by step in the walkway. With rich experience in crane working conditions and mechanical structures, engineers skillfully introduced project applications, from hardware layout to software principles, from software operations to function explanations. ... It was completed smoothly and smoothly, and the system delivery was successfully completed.



The system not only monitors various status and data during the operation of the crane in real time, but also calculates and analyzes the collected data through model algorithms, which can accurately diagnose the health status of key parts and detect faults in advance.



Weite's more than 20 years of industry experience has enabled us to have a better understanding of the structural characteristics, operating principles, and fault conditions of the equipment. The products we develop are better combined with actual use needs, more accurately remove management pain points, and the conclusions we draw are more manageable. Value, intelligent application of lifting equipment, Weite has always been at the forefront of the industry.

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