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Weite hydraulic type gantry crane monitoring system project was successfully accepted
2020-09-19 14:25:07

Recently, the hydraulic type gantry crane monitoring system project undertaken by Weite in Shanghai passed the special inspection and acceptance, and the crane and related monitoring systems have been put into use.


The full hydraulic gantry crane has a lifting capacity of 175t for a single beam, and a lifting capacity of 400t for double beams. The entire gantry crane uses hydraulic oil as the power to adjust the span between the double beams, adjust the two hook distances of the single beam, and adjust the lifting height. The cart track and lifting weight can be changed arbitrarily according to on-site lifting requirements, suitable for operations in a variety of complex environments. After the whole machine is powered on, there is no electrical control circuit, and all actions are completed by the handle operation directly driving the hydraulic directional valve.



The high flexibility of this type of fully hydraulic crane puts forward new requirements for the installation of the monitoring system, because the working site and working environment of this type of crane can change at any time, and the lifting equipment must be assembled according to different working conditions, which means To design a set of installation programs that are different from conventional monitoring systems, the special features are the following three points:

1. The security monitoring system can realize plug and play, which is convenient to install anytime and anywhere;

2. The hoisting hook has no wire rope and the unique lifting structure. The traditional weight sensor and height encoder cannot be installed, which puts forward new requirements for the collection of lifting weight and height data;

3. The two pumping stations are operated synchronously by two persons in different places, and the monitoring data communication when the double beam platform is hoisted is too long to use the wired line to connect the communication line in actual work.


In response to the above-mentioned special requirements, the engineers of Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. have made several  times on-site field research and finally provided a set of practical monitoring system installation solutions.


All equipment adopts strong magnetic mounting base and quick-plug waterproof connector, which is convenient to disassemble the equipment; use the most advanced stress-type weight sensor, with higher measurement accuracy, without the use of steel wire ropes; use laser range finder to achieve precise measurement of lifting height, No encoder is required; the use of a network bridge for interactive communication of the monitoring data of the two devices solves the problem of inconvenient data communication when the operating distance of the two pumping stations is too far.


The gantry crane monitoring system installed by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. has won unanimous praise from customers and inspection agency. The design scheme has been highly evaluated. I am particularly satisfied with the experience of the monitoring system. It has passed the inspection and has been officially put into use.

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