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Weite assists Baoping Hydropower Station to complete the renovation of spillway gate Monitoring system
2020-12-07 14:42:14

Recently, the reconstruction project of the curved working gate monitoring system of the spillway of the Zhangye Heihe Baoping Hydropower Station undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the acceptance.


Baoping Hydropower Station is located on the Heihe River in the border between Sunan Yugu Autonomous County of Gansu Province and Qilian County of Qinghai Province. It is about 165km away from Zhangye City and 26.2km from the downstream Sandaowan Hydropower Plant. It is the second hydropower station planned in the Heihe River Basin . The dam height of the power station is 93.5m, the designed storage capacity is 20.5 million m3, the total installed capacity is 123MW (50MW×2+23MW), and the average annual power generation is 410 million kwh.

The original auxiliary cylinder triangulation opening sensor of the hydraulic hoist for the arc working gate of the spillway of the Aquarius Hydropower Station was damaged to varying degrees, and it was found in the original use that when the gate was opened too large, the conversion ratio was too large, causing The opening is inaccurate, and when the cylinder is vibrating, it is easy to cause the opening to be out of tolerance in an instant, resulting in the unsynchronized opening and closing of the working gate of the spillway, which poses a safety hazard. In order to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic hoist equipment, the opening sensor needs to be modified.


Weite engineers are under construction

After on-site investigation by Weite engineers, combined with the actual situation of the Baoping Power Station, the auxiliary cylinder sensor and the ceramic piston rod built-in sensor (need to modify the cylinder piston rod) are excluded. The optional external detection devices include wire rope pull box sensors and static magnetism Grid sensor. The wire rope pull box sensor has the advantages of small size and convenient installation and relatively low cost. The disadvantage is that the ability to adapt to the environment is poor (wind, rain, sundries, etc. will cause the wire rope to shake and cause detection errors, and the wire rope for detection is easy to break when it is frozen in winter) , The accuracy and protection level are not high, and the failure rate is high. The magnetostatic grid sensor has outstanding advantages. The main advantages are: different from the traditional way of rotating the encoder by a wire rope and converting from rotary motion to linear displacement, it directly measures the linear displacement of the hoist without conversion, so the detection accuracy is high. Up to ± 1 mm; non-contact measurement, no mechanical wear, basically maintenance-free; high-strength protection level, can adapt to harsh environments; stable data, no loss of data when power off; can be attached with upper and lower stroke limit switches, no need to design and install limits separately Position switch; easy maintenance and replacement later; the oil cylinder is installed externally, which does not change the current state of the oil cylinder. The disadvantage is that it is larger than other opening inspection devices, and the initial installation is relatively troublesome.


After repeated communication with the user, the user finally chose to use the static magnetic gate stroke sensor as a replacement for the modification. According to the actual situation of the arc-shaped working gate of the spillway of Heihe Baoping Hydropower Station and the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic hoist, the static magnetic grid sensor is installed externally, equipped with a guide sleeve, the cable is led out from the rear, and the guide sleeve is installed with a hoop The base is fixedly installed on the cylinder; the measuring rod is installed in the guide sleeve, and its length is slightly longer than the measuring stroke. The front of the measuring rod is connected with a universal joint bearing and the measuring rod connected to the lifting lug on the front end of the cylinder. Telescopic movement, the measuring rod correspondingly moves within the guide sleeve, and the gate opening signal is sensed on the static magnetic scale. According to hydraulic engineering practice, when the piston rod is fully extended, the opening is "0" mm, and when the piston rod is fully retracted, the opening is the largest. At the same time, optimize the PLC, touch screen program and power circuit of the arc gate.

The modified 3-hole spillway hydraulic arc gate opens and closes steadily, the data is accurate and reliable, and the left and right sides have high synchronization, which can accurately reflect the current gate opening data.

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