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Weite appeared at the Indonesian International Petroleum and Natural Gas Equipment Exhibition (IPA)
2024-05-21 15:19:37

From May 14th to 16th, 2024, the 48th Indonesia International Petroleum and Natural Gas Equipment Exhibition (IPA) was grandly held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The International Business Department of Weite Technology Co., Ltd. presented its products at the exhibition.



IPA-Indonesia International Oil and Gas Exhibition is a professional exhibition and conference project with the longest history in Indonesia, a large scale and a high level of exhibitors in the Asia-Pacific region. It is hosted by the Indonesian Petroleum Association. This exhibition is an excellent opportunity to explore the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets, establish industry contacts, and expand business cooperation opportunities.



This Indonesian IPA exhibition can be called the most abundant display of hardware products by Weite overseas. Products include 40,000-ton weighing systems, CCTV, marine crane torque, anchor windlass monitoring, wire rope detection, anemometers and various detection sensors.



The rich products have attracted suppliers from all over the world, and there is an endless stream of business representatives who come to consult and negotiate, including many internationally renowned manufacturers.



Weite is confident to promote many products to all over the world and are recognized by local users. Every detail of Weite has witnessed the development of Weite's international market and the improvement of its comprehensive competitiveness.



A bigger stage requires greater competitiveness. Being able to participate in international competition is a test of Weite's 22 years of consistent research results in the field of lifting safety management. It is also Weite's efforts to become a leader in the field of global lifting safety and management. A solid step forward.

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