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Weite appeared at the 23rd Moscow Oil and Gas Exhibition in Russia
2024-05-13 10:47:09

Recently, Weite International Business Department appeared at the 23rd Moscow Oil and Gas Exhibition in Russia. During the exhibition, we successfully signed a CCTV contract with SMM, the largest crane manufacturer in Russia.


Petroleum Exhibition in Moscow, Russia is the largest and most influential oil, gas and petrochemical equipment exhibition in Russia and the Far East. The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Government. It is a stage where suppliers in the global industry comprehensively display new oil and gas industry technologies.


Weite Technology Co., Ltd. will appear at this exhibition with products such as CCTV, offshore crane load moment indicator, anchor windlass monitoring and small offshore crane safety monitoring.


The atmosphere at the exhibition was warm and active, the crowds were surging, and the various exhibits were dazzling. Many large domestic companies also appeared at the exhibition.


This trip to Russia is the second time Weite has participated in local business activities in Russia, and it is also a milestone trip to officially open the Russian market.


After nearly a year of communication and research, and taking advantage of the opportunity of this exhibition, we officially signed a CCTV product cooperation contract with SMM, the largest crane manufacturer in Russia.



Opening the Russian market is an important step for Weite International Business Unit to enter the international market, which means that Weite's strength is being recognized by higher-end user groups in the international market.

We will also focus more on the field of lifting safety management, pay more attention to user needs, and look forward to communicating and cooperating with more friends in the lifting industry at home and abroad to provide users with more valuable solutions.

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If you are regretting missing the Russian Petroleum Exhibition, then you must not miss the upcoming Indonesian Petroleum Exhibition.


From May 14 to 16, 2024, the 48th Indonesia International Petroleum and Natural Gas Equipment Exhibition (IPA) will be held grandly in Jakarta, Indonesia.


As the largest oil producer in Southeast Asia, the Indonesian energy market has always been the focus of many companies. Many international manufacturers in related industries will also gather in Jakarta. Weite will also bring high-quality products to this exhibition, booth number: I-95, New and old users are welcome to visit and communicate.

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