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Transnational Exchange Weite went to Indonesia to participate in a special exchange meeting on oil safety monitoring technology
2024-06-04 10:54:42

Recently, the WTAU (Weite) safety monitoring technology exchange meeting organized by the Special Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency of the Ministry of Energy of Indonesia (SKK Migas) was held grandly at the Bullman Hotel in Jakarta. Nie Daojing, chairman of Weite, and Huang Siqin, deputy general manager of the international business department, flew to Indonesia to attend the meeting.


This is the first time that Weite has held a major technical exchange meeting abroad, and it is an important event to promote the development of the Southeast Asian market. This meeting brought together important enterprises and institutions related to the domestic industry in Indonesia. At the meeting, Chairman Nie Daojing gave a welcome speech to the guests. While introducing Weite Company, he also introduced the beautiful Yichang, and invited everyone to travel to Yichang and come to Weite visit.




In the technical application exchange session, Huang Siqin, deputy general manager of the International Business Department, took the stage to introduce the application of Weite products in detail. In addition to explaining traditional crane safety protection products, he also introduced multi-dimensional fault diagnosis systems and ultra-weak fiber grating stress monitoring systems. Research on the application of new technologies in the petroleum field.



At the meeting, Weite exchanged technical cooperation with many companies, and successfully reached a cooperation agreement with UPN Depok University, Indonesia's Petroleum University. This is a strategic cooperation for Weite.



As one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is rich in oil and natural gas resources and has huge demand for related technologies and solutions. This cooperation will not only promote the application research and technology optimization of micro-technologies in the Indonesian petroleum field, but also help promote technical exchanges and cooperation among local Indonesian companies, laying the foundation for exploring Indonesia and even the broader international market.

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