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The WTAU safety monitoring system ensure the safe operation of the lifting equipment of the Guangxi Mashi Hydropower Station
2020-09-21 10:54:35

Recently, the Guangxi Water Conservancy and Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. Mashi Hydropower Plant's safety monitoring system project for the gantry cranes and bridge cranes of Guangxi Water Conservancy and Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. has passed the acceptance of the owner and was officially delivered to use. Since then, several large-scale power stations in the Rongjiang River Basin, including granite, pumice, and safflower, have been equipped with special production and installation of safety monitoring systems for lifting equipment. At the same time, the three power stations belong to China Energy Construction, China Guangdong Nuclear Power and Xijiang Group, which means WTAU special products. And services have been favored by more and more customers!


Mashi Hydropower Station is a medium-sized enterprise located in Guangxi Mashi Hydropower Plant Department of Guangxi Electric Power System. The site is located in Mashi Village, Dalang Township, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Guangxi, 60 kilometers away from the county seat. The Zhiliu Railway and Banjiang One-Year-Year Highway pass through the factory area, and the Rongjiang River is navigable for many years and the water and land transportation is convenient.

The Mashi Hydropower Plant is a low-water riverbed meridian power station with a normal high water level of 134 meters in the reservoir area, a corresponding storage capacity of 161 million cubic meters, and a design head of 18 meters. There are 3 installed machines, with a total capacity of 100,000 kilowatts, and a guaranteed output of 17,900 kilowatts when operating in a single machine. The main buildings of the power plant include river-bed powerhouses, overflow dams, concrete gravity dams at the two banks, ship locks, earth dams on the left bank, switch stations, etc. The dam is 422.2 meters in length. The main powerhouse is 55 meters long and 15.2 meters wide. The overflow dam has a total of 13 spans, each hole is 14 meters wide, and the total length is 218 meters. The gravity dam is 56 meters long and the maximum height is 30.6 meters. The ship lock is designed according to the navigable 60-ton barge capacity. The lock chamber is 8 meters wide, 218 meters long, and has an effective length of 40.5 meters. The connecting gravity dam on the right bank is an earth dam with a total length of 82.3 meters. The power plant switch station is outdoor, divided into two groups of 110 kV and 35 kV, which are arranged on the left bank of the downstream plant.


In the entire project process, Weite adheres to the principle of customer first, arranges technical personnel for on-site surveys, and develops the best quality and efficient design plan for the customer, which is finally recognized by the owner. After the contract was signed, the production was stepped up. In order not to affect the customer's maintenance and use, the construction personnel did not consider the harsh high-temperature environment on site after arriving at the site, and completed the site installation and acceptance in less than one month. Since then, Weite products have officially begun to escort the safe operation of lifting equipment in Mashi Power Plant! 


The WTSM-A safety monitoring system is equipped with the WTSM-A safety monitoring system for the bridge crane and the dam crest door crane of the Mashi Power Plant. It can display the data of various crane mechanisms in the driver’s cab and clearly display the monitoring of the monitoring area such as the walking of the cart and the lifting point. Picture, complete the storage of data and video pictures at the same time. For the reliability of hoisting work, the safety of the bridge gantry crane operation provides a visual guarantee.

Weite keeps advancing in the field of lifting safety, always paying attention to user needs, using its rich experience accumulated in the industry, and wholeheartedly providing users with valuable products and services.

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