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The Top Features to Look for in Quality Lifting Crane Contractors
2019-06-06 15:26:26


Cranes and lifting equipment are commonly used at construction sites and plants. Instead of purchasing additional cranes, your can save money by hiring a lifting crane contractor. To get the best value, you should take the time to learn how to find the best crane lifting services.

Safety and Health Requirements

Before you start using a lifting crane for your construction project, you need to ensure that all necessary safety documents are provided. A dependable crane rental company provides the proper documentation for you and completes risk assessments. The equipment that you rent should also be insured and carry the proper certifications. Reliable companies maintain their cranes with safety protection equipment like Load Moment Indicator(LMI) installed, ensuring the safety of your workforce.

All-Inclusive Prices for Crane Hires

A common feature of lifting services and crane rental companies is the high cost of extras. Some contractors charge for radios, specialised equipment, and insurance coverage. You may get charged for every little detail, resulting in a final cost that is much greater than the initial estimate. Trusted contractors offer a complete service with no hidden costs. You should receive all-inclusive pricing so you know exactly how much the project will cost.

Wide Selection of Cranes and Equipment

A reliable lifting crane rental company will have a wide selection of equipment to suit your specific project. Depending on the setting, the size and weight of the load, and whether the load is lifted overhead, you may require specialised equipment or rigging. Experienced contractors help find the right solution and select the best equipment for the job. You should receive a no-obligation inspection at your work site. Crane operators can assess your needs and select the correct crane. Nowadays, many operators won't run a crane that doesn't have a fully functional Load moment indicator(LMI) or crane computer, unless it has some type of operating aid on it.

Exceptional Customer Service

The company you choose should also provide exceptional customer service. Their goal should be to ensure that you receive the cranes and lifting equipment that you require to perform your job. Quality service also ensures that you have cranes available if your equipment breaks down. When your daily operations depend on the use of lifting cranes, equipment malfunctions can cause delays. Reliable crane operators also provide 24/7 service. If you require a lifting crane, you simply need to pick up the phone and arrange for the rental. 

If you require the use of cranes or lifting equipment at your work site, do not hesitate to contact a local company. When you choose the best supplier, you can expect competitive rates, quality customer service, and equipment that meets all safety standards.

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