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The Remote Control System Project of the Gate for Yinhe Power Station
2020-06-09 10:35:11

Recently, the remote control system of the gate of the Guangxi Yinhe Power Station under the responsibility of Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. was successfully accepted and delivered.


The head drop of the Yinhe Hydropower Station is 500 meters. It is divided into Qianchi gate control and dam gate control. The Qianchi gate is used to control the power generation inflow and is 12 kilometers away from the power plant. The dam has three gates. The main gate is a hoist gate, which is used to control the water intake and flood discharge of the water inlet corridor; the tail gate of the corridor is a hoist gate, which is used to discharge sand from the corridor; the inlet control gate of the diversion tunnel It is a screw gate, and the power station dam is 68 kilometers away from the power plant. Each gate is not equipped with a remote control system. The gate control room is far away from the local duty room, making it extremely inconvenient to monitor and control the gate.


The technical solution provided by Weite for customers, the whole system adopts 4 sets of gate operation boxes and a set of programmable control unit and related supporting communication facilities. Designed with programmable controller control. The local control unit completes the data collection and data preprocessing of the gate, is responsible for transmitting data information through the network, and automatically obey the command and management of the host computer.


The industrial video subsystem includes camera, transmission, control, display and storage. The camera transmits the video image to the control host through a cable, and the control host distributes the video signal to the monitor. Through the control host, the operator can issue instructions to control the camera's up, down, left, and right actions and the lens Carry out the operation of zooming and zooming, and can switch between multiple cameras through the control host. With the special video processing mode, the image can be recorded, played back, processed and other operations to achieve the best video effect.


The system was put into use, realizing 24-hour online monitoring of the gate, and realizing dual-loop control on the spot and remotely. Provides reliable technical support for customers' equipment online monitoring and control. Provide a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the equipment.

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