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The Pumped Storage Metal Structure Technology Exchange Meeting and the Energy Industry Ship Lift Series Standards Promotion Meeting were held in Yichang
2024-05-09 10:54:18

On April 26, the metal structure technology exchange meeting for pumped storage power stations and the energy industry ship lift series standard promotion meeting were held in Yichang City, Hubei Province.



Hydraulic Metal Structure Professional Committee of China Hydropower Engineering Society;

Hydraulic Metal Structure Professional Committee of China Hydraulic Society;

Energy Industry Hydropower Metal Structure and Hoist Standardization Technical Committee;





China Gezhouba Group Machinery and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.



China Shipbuilding Industry Zhongnan Equipment Co., Ltd.;

Weite Technology Co., Ltd.;


China Hydropower Engineering Society, Hydropower Metal Structure and Hoist Standardization Technical Committee, and big names in the hydropower and energy industries sat on the rostrum and delivered speeches.


More than 420 representatives from related design institutes and enterprises in the hydropower industry across the country attended the meeting.

Nie Daojing, Chairman of Weite, Gao Yumin, General Manager of Weite, Liu Yan, Director of Hubei Sensing IoT Industry Technology Research Institute, and Han Xin, General Manager of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Division, attended the meeting.


Li Shisheng, deputy chief engineer and professor-level senior engineer of the General Institute of Hydropower and Water Conservancy Planning and Design, gave a special report titled "Learn, Understand, Understand and Practice - Deeply Promoting the Standardization Reform of Renewable Energy".


This conference invited a total of 11 industry experts to the stage for academic exchanges. Gao Yumin, general manager of Weite Company, took the stage and gave a wonderful sharing on the theme of "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Intelligent and Digitalization of Hydropower Station Bridge Gate Machines".


During the meeting, Weite set up an independent booth for the company's latest scientific and technological achievements in the hydropower industry in recent years, attracting guests to stop and add a touch of scientific and technological color to the meeting. The technical achievements on display won the praise of visitors from all walks of life. High praise.


This exchange meeting brings together big names and domestic industry elites to discuss the technological innovation and development trends of the metal structure profession in the field of pumped storage power stations, share advanced experience, and promote technological progress and industrial upgrading of the metal structure industry of pumped storage power stations. Empower and increase efficiency for industry construction and development.


During the conference, many participating representatives came to Weite Technology to visit and communicate.


During the exchange process, the visiting guests expressed their appreciation for Weite's technical strength, paying special attention to the technological innovation results of intelligent transformation and intelligent operation and maintenance management, and looked forward to strengthening technical exchanges and maintaining long-term strategic cooperation in the future.



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