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The first Weite Family Open Day
2021-08-27 10:46:39

On August 21, 2021, Weite held an open day of "Children's Hearts, Create Dreams Together", inviting family members of employees to enter the park to experience Weite’s striving and progressive corporate culture up close, and to thank their families for their understanding and support of the company’s work , Let the children learn from the power of example and chase their dreams bravely.


The first stop of the Parent-Child Open Day came to the exhibition hall of Hubei Institute of Sensory IOT Industry Technology and Weite Product Application Hall to learn about the development history of Weite and experience the cutting-edge technology of IOT. The exhibition hall of the Institute also displays a variety of technological products developed by Wisdom Valley's incubating enterprises. The children learned about the functions and uses of the products through field experience, which stimulated their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. In the Weite Product Application Hall, through the intelligent monitoring system developed by Weite, Mr. Cao, who is on business trips out of town, connects and interacts with the children via video. Through the sand table simulation, the operation mode of the door base machine and the bridge erecting machine is shown. The operation data is fed back on the screen of the crane Internet of Things big data information center in real time, showing the cutting-edge IoT sensing technology of Weite.


In the business school conference room, Weite’s industrial designer Fu Rongpeng and UI designer Xiang Hua respectively did project roadshows to show children the specific cases of industrial design and the operation logic of interface design. Xie Tingting of the International Business Department showed the Weite in bilingual The demeanor of the foreign trade team. This event also invited representatives of Weite staff's family members of different ages to share their experiences and experiences at different growth stages from elementary school to university. Classmate Wang Xingyu gave a speech for good young people in the new era and shared his experience of participating in the Hubei Provincial Youth Congress. Zhou Zhengyu shared his junior high school life experience and encouraged children to form a good learning style in various aspects of interest cultivation and self-discipline. Zhang Feiyang shared high school life and pointed out that excellence should become a habit. Tianli Qiu was admitted to Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology this year. In sharing, she is grateful for Weite’s funding for five years, and will give back to the society through learning atmospheric sciences in the future. Yu Liu Qile shared a number of experiments and design works completed in the university, showing a rich and colorful university life. Student Nie Guo Feiyang shared his learning experience for the children and encouraged everyone to cultivate interest in learning and improve learning efficiency.




Mr. Nie awarded scholarships to prospective college students and said that children study hard and be creative. He hopes that through this parent-child open day, children can experience the cutting-edge technology of the Internet of Things and have the courage to chase their dreams.



Weite also prepared surprise gifts for those who participated in this parent-child open day event, which included a pen gift box to take photos with parents and children to encourage children to study hard and engrave precious moments. At the end of the activity, Weite provided a nutritious buffet and desserts for the children.


I sincerely hope that all the friends of all ages who participated in the "Childlike Hearts, Create Dreams Together" Open Day event will live up to their youth and youth, cherish their learning time, master knowledge and skills, sow the seeds of hope, and nurture national pillars.

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