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Terex demag & sumitomo & hitachi lattice crawler crane safety monitoring and management system technical solutions
2020-04-14 11:12:23


1 Market background

Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. participated in the revision and drafting of GB / T 28264-2017 "Lifting Machinery Safety Monitoring and Management System" began in May 2018. According to the requirements of this international standard, there is a technical difficulty in installing crane safety monitoring and management systems for Crawler crane imported from abroad (such as Liebherr, Demag, Hitachi Sumitomo, etc.), since they all use their own designed control systems and have their own designed control block and communication protocol, and the manufacturers who implement the safety monitoring and management system later, can not collect various operating instructions and action status of their cranes, nor can they communicate with the original load moment indicator data to realize each sensor Synchronous display of data.


At the two publicity meetings of GB / T 28264-2017 "Lifting Machinery Safety Monitoring and Management System", there were related crane users who raised this issue, which was a common problem that plagued the industry.


2 Technical Solutions

At present, most domestic security monitoring system providers adopt the plan for imported crawler cranes: add a set of safe load indicator system, cameras, and very few limit switches to the original crane to implement data monitoring of the equipment.

However, the survey found that the installation program has the following problems:

1. Restricted by the design of the original crane system, the safe load indicator system added later can only collect a small part of the limit  switching  signals and operating states, and cannot meet all the requirements of the national standards. Many operating instructions and switching states cannot be collected, displayed, and recorded.

2. The installed load moment indicator (LMI) system is affected by the installation position and instrument design. The display error and accuracy are worse than the original load  moment indicator  system, and it will also cause the data displayed and recorded by the safe load indicator system  and the safety monitoring and management system after installation. The data is out of sync.

Due to the above reasons, most of the monitoring systems installed afterwards cannot truly meet the requirements of national standards.

In response to the pain and difficulty of this market's general response, in July 2018, Weite officially established a team with marketing director and technical director as the project manager. With several times telephone conferences, face-to-face and email communication made it understand the Chinese national standard requirements.

The original imported crawler crane manufacturer, on the basis of many technical communications with Weite Technologies Co.,ltd, also conducted a detailed understanding and inspection of Weite, confirming that the company's strength and corresponding R & D and production capacity can meet the implementation of the original manufacturer and the Chinese national standard Weite reached cooperation and formed a project team to jointly develop a crawler crane safety monitoring and management system that complies with the national standard GB / T 28264-2017 "Lifting Machinery Safety Monitoring and Management System".

This crawler crane safety monitoring system is directly connected with the original control system, collects all data of the original crane  communication (switching signal, operating status, etc.) and displays, records and stores. No additional load  moment indicator system required, but directly communicates with the original  load moment indicator system, displays the data of each sensor synchronously, maintains the consistency of real-time data, and the interface is unified. And this series of products are non-standard customized, and can be developed for individual needs. For example, customers are familiar with the interface of the original system and the convenience of operation. When designing  the new  system, we try to implement the display interface and operation style of the original system as far as possible to meet the site requirements of different customers.


3 Application  Cases

1. Hitachi Sumitomo  crawler crane's first domestic implementation of the new national standard monitoring and assembly project

Starting in July 2018, Weite officially established a research team. After obtaining official contact with the original manufacturer of Hitachi Sumitomo, Weite proposed a solution for the Hitachi Sumitomo lattice crawler crane monitoring system. The two parties conducted detailed and long communication on project implementation. Afterwards, they exchanged opinions on the specific content and important details of the cooperation. After the joint efforts of both parties, the project cooperation agreement, confidentiality agreement and other documents were finally signed.



▲ Instrument PCB board design drawing


In November 2018, the R & D Center of Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. officially established the Hitachi Sumitomo lattice crawler crane safety monitoring and management system R & D project, which was led by the chief engineer of the R & D center. From fully considering the on-site use environment of crawler cranes to design hardware circuits, software development, and sample environmental testing, to finalizing products out of the factory, the entire R & D process took 3 months to complete and deliver.


In March 2019, because this project was the first domestic implementation of the new national standard monitoring and assembly of Hitachi Sumitomo crawler cranes, the Japanese side specially sent engineers from Japan to cooperate with Weite for data docking, signal joint debugging, and on-site confirmation The accuracy of the data display of the safety monitoring system.


On April 12, 2019, the first set of Hitachi Sumitomo crawler crane safety monitoring system in cooperation with Hitachi Sumitomo of Japan was officially installed and passed the acceptance. This is also the first set currently authorized by the Japanese side in the domestic market of China. Hitachi Sumitomo crawler crane safety monitoring and management system that fully complies with the new national standard



2. Liebherr crawler crane monitoring system project

In 2018, CNOOC Tianjin branch imported two sets 750t large lattice crawler cranes from Liebherr, Germany. Coinciding with the implementation of GB / T 28264-2017 "Lifting Machinery Safety Monitoring System", few domestic manufacturers can provide a monitoring system solution for imported models that meet the new national standard. After considering the comprehensive factors of Liebherr and CNOOC Tianjin, they finally selected Weite to be responsible for the specific implementation of the crawler crane monitoring system project.


After the project was established, after getting in touch with the original manufacture, with many communications, the R & D team began to go back and forth to the site from April 2018 to test the communication data format between different models on the spot, determine the final solution and implement it. After more than a year of development, we have designed this safety monitoring and management system that fully complies with the national standard and is aimed at newly imported large crawler cranes. The system adopts industrial control computer to realize the function of Liebherr crawler crane safety monitoring system, directly collect the original crane communication data and display real-time storage, external horizontal tilt sensor, height encoder signal collection and other functions, according to the national standard requirements to achieve historical data recording and statistical data Statistics on the working hours of functional components. The new model was installed and commissioned on site on September 19, 2018.



On January 15, 2019, the installation and commissioning of the safety monitoring system for crawler cranes "tailor-made" by multiple special Liebherr crawler cranes owned by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. for Weihai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was completed and successfully passed the acceptance of the special inspection unit .


This kind of model is the original old one. Its communication protocol is different from the newly imported model. After contacting and communicating with the original manufacturer, Weite's R & D team has developed a safety monitoring system suitable for this type of model. In this system, the PC industrial computer adopts RS232 communication mode, and the black box data is obtained through the module switch, and the data synchronization is achieved without affecting the original crane communication data. The display interface is consistent. The schematic diagram is as follows:



3. Demag crawler crane safety monitoring system project


Several Demag crawler crane safety monitoring systems manufactured by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. and installed in Shenzhen CSE Company have gone through a series of complicated and orderly installation and commissioning work, and the project has been put into operation.

4 Future vision

Weite has been paying attention to user needs for 18 years and providing users with valuable products and services. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of practical experience in the non-standard customization and research of safety monitoring and management system series products, which can meet the personalized needs of various customers.


At the same time, the national standard of the crane safety monitoring and management system requires that a remote communication interface be reserved. The safety monitoring system of the large crawler crane designed by Weite can be upgraded to a remote monitoring platform. The data of all monitoring systems can be uploaded to the remote platform. Users can view real-time, historical records, video and other data at any time. If you add a personalized custom sensor (Such as positioning, temperature, walking analysis, etc.), as well as the record management of various spare parts, can also achieve intelligent system management, until the realization of crane safety assessment, life detection, etc., and truly realize the intelligent management and analysis of lifting equipment .



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