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Guodian Huanren Power Plant Choose Weite Crane CCTV Monitoring System for their lifting equipment safety operation
2020-11-03 15:01:41

Recently, the main powerhouse bridge crane safety monitoring system project of Guodian Power & Yushui Hydropower Development Company-Huanren Hydropower Station undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance of the owner and was officially delivered to use. Since then, several large power stations in the Hunjiang River Basin, Huanren, Huilong, and Taipingshao, have been equipped with Weite Special production and installation of safety monitoring systems for lifting equipment. At the same time, the three power stations belong to Guodian Power and Yushui Hydropower Development Company, which means Weite Products and services have been favored by more and more customers.

power plant crane monitoring-1.jpg

Huanren Power Station is located in the middle reaches of the Hunjiang River and is the first-level hub for cascade development in the Hunjiang River Basin. It focuses on power generation and has comprehensive utilization benefits such as flood control, irrigation, and aquaculture. Huanren Power Station not only provides cheap power for the Northeast Power Grid, but also serves as the power grid. Peak shaving, frequency modulation, and accident backup tasks. The power station was built in January 1958 and was fully put into operation in July 1975. The total installed capacity of the 3 units of the power station is 222,500 kW, and the average power generation for many years is 477 million kWh. Huanren Reservoir is an incomplete annual adjustment reservoir with a total storage capacity of 3.46 billion m3, which is the largest reservoir in Liaoning Province.

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WTSM-A security monitoring system related pictures

Throughout the project process, Weite adheres to the principle of customer first, arranges technical personnel for on-site investigations as soon as possible, and develops the best quality and efficient design plan for customers.

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On-site construction group drawing of Weite Engineer

After the contract was signed, the production was stepped up. In order not to affect the customer's maintenance and use, the construction personnel did not consider the harsh high-temperature environment on site after arriving at the site. It only took less than one month to complete the on-site installation and acceptance, which was finally approved by the owner. Since then, Weite products have officially begun to escort the safe operation of bridge cranes in the main workshop of Huanren Power Plant!

power plant monitoring-4.jpg

Power plant organization personnel acceptance

The WTSM-A safety monitoring system is installed for the bridge crane in the main plant of Huanren Power Plant this time. The equipment adopts full PLC data collection, and transmits all signals of the entire vehicle equipment to the PLC, and then the PLC communicates to the upper position of the driver's cab. machine. It realizes real-time display of crane's various mechanism data in the driver's cab, and clearly displays the monitoring pictures of the monitoring area such as the traveling of the cart and the lifting point. At the same time, the storage of data and video images is completed, so that the driver can more intuitively understand the operation of the vehicle equipment when operating the equipment, and make corresponding decisions in real time. For the reliability of hoisting work, the safety of bridge crane operation provides a visual guarantee.

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