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Good News to congratulate!Happy 20th anniversary to Weite Technologies!
2022-01-10 15:54:48


January 7, 2022, Weite's 20th birthday!


We have spent 20 years insisting on doing difficult and correct things, starting with a dream, focusing on the fields of lifting safety and management, boosting the development of the industry, and becoming a brand enterprise in the hearts of users.


On January 7, 2022, Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. held its 20th anniversary celebration and birthday party on the first floor of the Industrial Design Center.


At the birthday party, Weite received best wishes from users in various industries in China, overseas users, and enterprises in the park.



We also receied wishes from our partner colleges, industry associations, and entrepreneurship centers!



Thanks for the blessings from everyone!


20 years of trials and hardships, every little friend has a lot of stories between him and Weite. At the meeting, 9 little friends shared his stories with Weite, including Weite stories from the families of Weite employees. Impressed everyone in the audience.


Time does not stop, we will never stop, standing on the platform of Weite, I will grow together with Weite and jointly provide Weite power for the safety of offshore oil drilling industry! ——Changping Shi, Marine Engineering Department


Although I didn't catch up with the birth of the company, I was fortunate enough to experience Weite's twentieth birthday. Today, we take over the baton and use this as the starting line to start our new journey. ——Tianqun Li, Order Guarantee Center


During the work of Weite, the Party Branch of Intelligent Equipment Alliance was established, which brought surging red power to Weite! The party branch helped me regain my faith, I was able to keep my promise to join the party, and finally found my 'home'! ——Ying Yang, Order Guarantee Center

At Weite, I fully understand the meaning of the phrase "Brothers are united, their profits break gold". As a member of Weite, I also deeply feel the power of the Weite team to unite from top to bottom. ——Ding  Xu ,R&D Center


I am fortunate to have participated in the development and growth of Weite, I am fortunate to witness the honor, and I am fortunate to be a partner of Weite. I also gradually believed in this sentence: when you work hard enough, luck will come. ——Li Wang ,Incubator


Joining Weite is a kind of fate. Time flies away, I have grownup with Weite for almost 6 years. In the future, I will continue to summarize experience, improve methods, overcome all difficulties, and continue to lead my brothers to finish the annual task of 2022. ——Songsong Lei, Hydropower Division

Joining Weite for 15 years, because I often see familiar companions and ignore the passage of time, it is so nice to have you! Over the past 20 years, Weite's development products have been improved and updated every year, and we have quietly established a leading position in the industry. ——Zong Dai, Ship Business Department

We started to have a 16-year relationship with Weite from an interview. In the young years, because everyone worked together, it was hard and happy. In the days of Weite, I deeply realized the saying that people often say "one person can go very fast, and a group of talents can go very far". ——Ying Yang, Operation Management Department


If we compare Wete to a big family, Wete people are the children of it. The company deeply cares for each family member, so that everyone can gain the wealth of growth; and our relatives are very grateful to see their changes and growth, and we are grateful to the company for silently paying and nurturing. ——Families of employees of the Hydropower Division


At the celebration, we also released the latest logo of Weite. This time the new logo was upgraded. Weite selected 12 excellent works from more than 100 works, and finally selected one of them after many discussions. We explained the connotation of Weite's new logo to all colleagues and friends from all walks of life.


Express the passion for entrepreneurship and service with bright red. The pattern is simple, rich in connotation, and the atmosphere is calm, giving people a strong visual impact and intuitive beauty; the overall image is concise and concise, with cutting-edge personality, in line with modern aesthetics, and conducive to brand communication and cultural expression.

Key words: fusion, sharing, care, support, strength, trust


Afterwards, Mr. Li delivered a speech on "Joining Hands to Create the Future". He said: " : "The chance of finding a job you like is very low. Instead of looking for a job you like, it's better to like the existing job first, and start from Weite. Wete has always started the business with faith, rock-solid belief and a firmness that will not waver under any changes." Mr. Li shared his thoughts on how to develop intelligent cranes in the future. Weite people should make efforts and contributions, how to seize the opportunities of the intelligent era and develop service-oriented manufacturing? We talked about the market status and future development direction of Weite's four new products. Finally, I encourage everyone when encountering insurmountable difficulties, it is not the end, but the starting point of a fresh start.


Then Mr. Gao took everyone to review the 20-year development history of Weite from the perspective of " Specialization Special New Little Giant ".


Later, when Mr. Nie gave a speech on the 20th anniversary of Weite, he deeply interpreted the core culture of Weite.


Finally, with the sound of "Happy Birthday to You", the 20th anniversary celebration came to the part of cutting the cake. The friends came to the stage to send birthday wishes and candles to Weite. At this moment, everyone shared the joy and sweetness of the 20th anniversary and wished Wete a happy 20th birthday.


 happy 20th birthday to Weite Technologies


Don't forget your original intention and move forward bravely! With the first version of the Weite trademark, it means Weite was established on January 7, 2002

Unremitting struggle and innovation! The stone lion presented to Weite by the Entrepreneurship Center means Weite does not forget the original intention of starting a business


With the panorama of Weite Park as the background, it means that the company is booming

Weite Vision: A global leader in lifting safety and management


When the whole staff took a group photo, with the loud voice of "Happy Birthday", the Weite people wished together:

Weite develops vigorously and creates greater glories!

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