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Fujian Chitan Power Plant gantry crane safe monitoring system project
2020-01-03 14:53:20

Recently, the safety monitoring system of the gantry crane at the top of the dam at Fujian Chitan Power Plant, which was undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd., successfully passed the inspection of the local special inspection institute, and the system has been delivered for use.


Chitan Power Plant is a leading hydropower plant in the main stream of Jinxi, Fujian Province. The area above the dam site is 4,766 square kilometers, the normal high water level of the reservoir is 275 meters, and the maximum storage capacity is 870 million cubic meters. After the dam is completed, it will form a national key scenic spot--Dajin Lake. The purpose of this project is to install a crane safety monitoring system for the gantry crane at the top of the power plant.


The second day after arriving at the power plant, the WTAU engineer started the intensive installation work after completing the relevant start-up procedures. Although some problems were encountered during the construction, such as the main hook height control problem and

the weight display problem. However, after careful verification and analysis, the related issues were finally resolved successfully.


Recently, the 22 days installation work was successfully completed with the special inspection. After inspecting the monitoring system by the special inspector, he expressed satisfaction with the products of Weite and gave a high evaluation of the installation position and monitoring area of the sensor. 


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