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Weite Technologies’ Crane Safety Monitoring System have been Approved by Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding
2020-10-27 14:11:26

A few days ago, the Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Portal crane safety monitoring system refurbishment project undertaken by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. has been completed and passed the acceptance of Zhoushan Special Equipment Inspection Institute.


Since its establishment in 2003, TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD., with the concept of "challenge and progress", through the shipbuilding business, has built a company that is loved by employees, local residents and customers. The shipbuilding industry is in an environment of increasingly fierce global competition. Under such circumstances, in order to establish a competitive advantage, it is necessary to further improve product quality and production management levels to effectively respond to market needs. Since its establishment, the company has owned various types of ships, and has built more than 200 large ships.


On September 24, Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) launched a nearly 100,000-ton bulk carrier



In September 2020, Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. launched a nearly 100,000-ton bulk carrier. Since the beginning of this year, the company has delivered 13 ships and its output value has exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, an increase over the same period last year.


Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. is equipped a portal crane safety monitoring system for this heavy equipment. The system greatly improves the safety production efficiency of the equipment and provides a strong guarantee for the factory's safe production.


Portal Crane equipped with WTSM-A crane safety monitoring system


The WTAU brand  portal crane safety monitoring system with the function of real-time monitoring, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data backup, power-off memory and password protection, and the instrument itself is designed with strong anti-interference and operation interface Friendly, strong versatility and other advantages.

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