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Tower Crane Safety Load Monitoring System
2020-08-22 10:27:38

Recently, a luffing jib tower crane produced by a Henan Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is undergoing intense installation and erection on the construction site. Due to the urgent delivery time of the customer, the after-sales engineer of Weite came to the site early before the tower crane was fully erected. Install the tower crane safety security monitoring system for users and do our best to cooperate with customers.


The electrical system of the boom tower crane that is being erected has not been debugged, and the main boom of the tower crane has not been installed. Difficulties comes one after another. If the safety monitoring system is installed and debugged after the tower crane is fully erected, the customer's delivery time will be delayed, Weitec's after-sales service engineer immediately decided to install the host instrument and sensor parts that can be installed first, and then debug immediately after the electrical system of the equipment is connected.



Users also encountered various difficulties when debugging tower crane equipment. After fighting for several days in the middle of the night, Weitec after-sales service engineers did not dare to slack off, paying attention to the situation of the tower crane on the spot to debug the safety monitoring system as soon as possible to ensure the accuracy of the data.


Through the cooperation with the users, the tower crane was erected smoothly, the safety monitoring system was installed and debugged smoothly, and the entire equipment was successfully accepted. Customers appreciated that we helped a lot for the  on time deliver the tower crane and  been accepted by the end user .


Thanks to customers for their trust and support. We will continue to demand ourselves with high standards as always and continue to provide users with better products and services!

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