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The WTAU brand radar anti-collision system for Yunnan Project Department of the Fourth Engineering Bureau of China Construction Project was approved by users
2020-11-09 16:44:54

Recently, Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. learned that the WT-W660V2 boom tower radar anti-collision system installed in the Colorful Yunnan Project Department of China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau is operating well, and its products and services have been recognized by users.

Tower crane camera system-1.jpg 

L500A boom tower crane under construction

In late September, the L5**A type boom tower crane and the JCD*** type boom tower crane of the Seven Color Yunnan Project Department of China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau were operating in the adjacent area of the same project. There is a risk of collision between the two heavy equipment. The leasing company to which the tower crane belongs urgently contacted Weite to order 2 sets of WT-W660V2 radar anti-collision monitoring system, and urgently arranged production and delivery after confirming the plan.


Due to the urgent need for installation and commissioning of the equipment in the project department, Weite service engineers gave up their vacation during November, and stuck to the construction site to successfully complete the installation and commissioning of the radar anti-collision systems of two boom tower cranes. Recently received feedback from users, since it was put into use until today, the Weite WT-W660V2 radar anti-collision monitoring system has provided important protection for the safe operation of the tower crane, and the product has been used well.

Tower crane camera system-2.jpg

Through the video surveillance in the cab, we can see that Weite’s engineers are working

During November, due to the project department's rush to work day and night, the tower crane could not be stopped and waited for the installation and commissioning of the Weite after-sales engineers, there only have 2 to 3 hours lunch break time to do the system installation . The Weite after-sales engineer Mr Hu fully cooperated with the project arrangements. After fighting for 5 days, the installation and commissioning of the radar anti-collision system of the two flating boom tower cranes was finally completed. The safety officer of the project department signed the word "satisfaction" on the acceptance form, which is another affirmation of Weite products and services .

 Tower crane camera system-3.jpg

WT-W660V2 radar anti-collision system monitor

The new model of tower crane equipment zone active anti-collision system adopts the latest millimeter-wave radar sensor design. It actively detects obstacles entering the detection area and sends an alarm message to the main control room so that the operator can take timely measures to avoid ; Or provide control signals to directly give instructions to hoisting equipment. The data is connected by CAN signal, and the data connection is stable. Detect obstacles in the horizontal distance, and through data feedback, detect obstacles on the horizontal sides of the boom to prevent collisions with buildings and other lifting equipment.

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