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The renovation project of the gate monitoring system of the Yangliutan Hydropower Station in Yunnan has been completed
2022-06-08 11:13:42

With the rapid development of communication technology and control technology, the computer monitoring system is widely used in hydropower stations, especially when the control mode of "no one on duty, few people on duty" is put forward, at the same time, the monitoring and management of gates in hydropower stations, water conservancy projects and other projects According to this concept, our company has carried out automatic, intelligent and remote transformation of the gate monitoring system of Yangliutan Hydropower Station in Shuifu County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province.


Yangliutan Hydropower Station in Shuifu County


In order to meet the needs of customers, we have carried out many technical solution demonstrations and decided to completely dismantle the original old gate monitoring system, and tailor a new set of intelligent gate monitoring system for customers. The final new system structure is designed as follows: the control system adopts a layered and distributed structure, and the whole system is divided into two layers, the upper layer is the monitoring unit of the central control room, and the lower layer is the local operation unit.

Realize the monitoring and control of all gates; the current formation is controlled by PLC as the main control element. Control boxes are configured according to the number of gates, and each gate is equipped with one control box, which is placed next to the gate hoist to be controlled. It can not only realize remote monitoring of the gate on the host computer, but also operate the gate locally through the buttons on the control box.


Use the rotary encoder to collect the gate height in real time, and send the SSI (Gray code) encoded signal to the opening load measurement and control instrument. After the opening load measurement and control instrument converts the data, it will be displayed on its own panel, and the data will be communicated through modbus. The method is transmitted to the PLC for the operator to view. At the same time, the signal is also sent to the central control room for remote monitoring.

The control system adopts 100M industrial Ethernet mode for direct communication between the host computer and each control cabinet. In order to realize the monitoring and control of each gate by the monitoring computer in the central control room, even if one of the equipment fails, it will not affect the operation of other equipment. It truly achieves a layered and distributed control method and meets all the technical requirements of customers of Yangliutan Power Station.


Adjust the gate hoist

This gate monitoring system has the following technical features:

1. High precision: the system uses a multi-turn absolute encoder, and the operating accuracy of the gate can reach millimeters;

2. High reliability: The system is equipped with electrical and mechanical limit protection, electrical operation protection, etc.

3. Industrial communication network: Industrial-grade Ethernet communication is used between the host computer and the local equipment, and there will never be any data changes caused by communication interference;

4. High speed: The combination of high-performance PLC, host computer and industrial Ethernet makes the communication delay less than 1ms, and the change of the on-site signal will be transmitted to the display screen of the host computer at the fastest speed;

5. Simple structure: PLC→communication network→host computer, effectively reducing investment cost and maintenance cost;

6. Each unit is relatively independent: the host computer and each gate control cabinet are relatively independent, and the failure of any one control cabinet will not affect the operation of other gates;

7. Diversity of operation modes: it can complete local manual control, remote manual control, remote precise control, system automatic control and other operations;


Comprehensive monitor


onsite work

After the completion of the construction, the system has been officially put into use after the customer's acceptance. The relevant person in charge of Yangliutan Power Plant spoke highly of the transformation results of our gate monitoring system, and expressed the intention to continue in-depth cooperation.

Weite will also continue to devote itself to strictly controlling product quality and service, focusing on users, providing reliable products and first-class lifting safety technical solutions that are closer to the needs of global customers.

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