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Mysterious India, I am Coming!
2019-12-16 14:18:06

For India, one of the four ancient civilizations, I always  have a special emotion, both expectations and fears. On the one hand, I like the beautiful sari, ancient temples and romantic Taj Mahal, at the same time I am worring about  the various bad events of  the newspaper &heavy traffic &special taste and so on. But what exactly the real india looks like ?Let's  see it  together!


Does the clean and neat street subvert your traditional impression? 


Are you looking forward to the long-established characteristic buildings?


Isn't it interesting to see all the different people under the sunshine?

Focus on it !!

The International department general manager  Mr. Shi & the regional manager Ms Ivy from  Weite Technologies  Co., Ltd. brought  WTAU own brand load moment indicator (LMI) system to Bangalore, India to participate in the EXCON. The significance of Weite is to ensure safer of crane operation and easier management . Our primary responsibility is to avoid accidents during the operating of the crane and to provide valuable management information to the owners of the lifting equipment. 

If you  have a crane lifting equipment that requires a safe load indicator (SLI/RCI  ) system protection, just contact us!



Hospitality Indian customers at EXCON Bangalore, India. 


WTAU International department general manager  Mr. Shi & the regional manager Ms Ivy .


Thumb up to celebrate the successful conclusion of the 10th Bangalore Construction Machinery Exhibition in India!

After reading our introduction, do you have a new understanding of India now?

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