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China Communications Third Aviation Bureau 1990T "Pile 19" Piling ship choose WTAU brand WTL-A700 safe load moment indicator system
2021-10-27 10:35:29

Recently, the WTL-A700 load moment indicator installed by Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. for the “Pile 19” piling vessel of China Communications Third Airlines has been installed, and the light load, heavy load and other counterweight experiments have been successfully completed. Return to the sea and welcome a new journey.


CCCC Sanhang (Shanghai) New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCCC Sanhang) was registered and established in the Pudong New Area Market Supervision Bureau on August 21, 1993. The company is mainly engaged in the basic engineering construction of offshore wind power facilities, equipment installation and maintenance, submarine cable system engineering construction, maintenance, civil engineering construction, port and waterway construction engineering construction, etc.


China Communications Sanhang "Zhuang 19" Piling Ship



"Zhuang 19" has participated in the construction of a number of domestic offshore wind power projects, including the construction of the second phase of the Dafeng Lingang offshore wind power project, the CNOOC Binhai Port LNG terminal and harbor dredging project, the CCCC Third Navigation Bureau's Yangtze River Estuary tidal level station restoration project, etc.


After the transformation of the “Zhuang 19” of China Communications Sanhang, the gross tonnage was 1990T, the net tonnage was 897T, the boom length reached 75 meters, the weight of the main hook was 180T, the weight of the auxiliary hook was 120T, and the weight of the hammer was 130T.

1990t Piling Ship-2.jpg

Weite WTL-A700 Load Moment Indicator


As a lifting safety protection expert, Weite has mastered the industry's leading lifting safety products and technology. After communicating with China Communications and Three Airlines, we determined a detailed cooperation plan and equipped the "Zhuang 19" pile driving vessel. The WTL-A700 safe load indicator/rated capacity indicator is mainly used for the lifting safety protection equipment of the offshore platform with more complicated monitoring signals.


Weite WTL-A700 load moment indicator system has real-time monitoring, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data backup, power-off memory and password protection functions, and the instrument itself is designed with strong anti-interference, simple operation interface, and strong versatility.

Piling Ship crane anemometer.jpg

Weite WFS-2 Series Wind Speed Sensor


In order to adapt to the complicated working environment at sea and ensure the safe operation of the piling vessel, Weite also equips the "Zhuang 19" piling vessel with WFS-2 series wind speed sensors, which can resist wind speeds greater than 14 wind speeds to monitor instantaneous wind speeds at sea. And average wind speed.

 wtau engineer.jpg

Weite after-sales engineers collaborate with on-site staff


After the after-sales engineers of Weite cooperated closely with the on-site engineers to overcome various factors such as weather and environment, the installation task of "Pile 19" was perfectly completed! At present, the light load, heavy load and other counterweight experiments have been successfully completed. Soon, "Pile 19" will return to the sea to welcome a new journey.



Weite has always maintained good cooperation with the China Communications Third Navigation Bureau. As early as 2019, Weite participated in the transformation of the entire ship of the “Three Navigation Piles 108” of the China Communications Third Navigation Bureau. The largest piling ships "Sanhang Pile 20" and CCCC Sanhang "Pile 17" are equipped with load moment limiter system, and many large cranes are equipped with safety monitoring systems. As the escort in the field of lifting safety, Weite has won the trust of the China Communications Third Aviation Administration with its rich experience accumulated in the industry over the years, and handed over major engineering projects to Weite.

 Piling Ship work.jpg

Three-Hanging Piles 20" Delivery Ceremony


As the leader of the crane safety monitoring and management system brand, Weite has been committed to providing customers with valuable products and services. We hope that through our products, the crane safety accident rate can be reduced to a minimum, and we can provide customers with more reliable safety management solutions.

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