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Founded in 2002, Weite Technologies Co.,Ltd is a national hi-tech enterprise located in renowned "Hydro-power Capital" -Yichang City. It is a key enterprise supported by Hubei province and focusing on R&D and OEM manufacturing lifting safety protection devices such as Load Moment Indicator, Safe monitoring systems, Load cellAnemometers etc. The company continuously concentrate on ensuring lifting equipments run safely as it long-term pursuing goal. Nowadays, products are widely used in marine industry,electrical, chemical, steel, metallurgy, construction, ports and other industries, and have been wide spreaded to over 30 countries and regions.

The company has acquired over 40 patents and numerous significant provincial scientific achievements, together with third ranking of Hubei Science and Technology Award. It regards quality as life by equipped with CE, ISO9001-2008, CCS, UL certificates.

Till now, we have established long-term cooperation with several large-scale enterprises in China by reliable quality and good reputation. Meanwhile, Weite will always stand firmly on ensuring lifting equipment safer and more reliable towards our customers, with the corporate belief oriented by integrity, pragmaticism,innovation and specialization.

Company Advantages

◆ National high-tech enterprise
◆ CE authentication enterprise
◆ ISO9001-2008 quality system certification
◆ CCS certification enterprises
◆ 2500T large crane overload limiter production qualification
◆ 342000 kn. m Super large load moment indicator production qualification
◆ Hoisting machinery maintenance class A qualification
◆ Crane load moment indicator explosion-proof certificate
◆ Crane safety monitoring management system of national recognized qualification
◆ Yichang sensing united laboratory construction enterprise
◆ Drafting compang of four national standards


Crane Safety Devices Experimental Testing Center      

To improve the product quality,Weite had invested and built a Sensor Testing Laboratory, which is the first to introduce Electrical Universal Testing Machine, Lightning Surge Generator, Electrostatic discharge generator,PFMF,EFT/B,GDJS and other advanced testing machine. We ensure the reliability of each product through simulating application environment under extreme conditions.



About us







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