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    Sumitomo SC 650 Lmi Computer Replacement

    WTAU Crane Parts team recently completed a successful Sumitomo SC 650 LMI computer replacement.
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    Sumitomo SC 650 LMI Computer Replacement
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WTAU Crane Parts team recently completed a successful Sumitomo  SC 650 LMI computer replacement.  

The WTL-A700 LMI Computer Replacement System Included:

1.New 8inch Color Touched LCD Display / Computer

2.Data Control Box & Software Programing

3.SHL TYPE Load Cell

4.Crane Boom Angle Sensor 

5.Anti Two Block Limit Switch

6.Load Chart Programming

If you need assistance with a  lattice crane LMI computer replacement. 

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Sumitomo SC650 LMI Computer Replacement Component

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Sumitomo SC 650 LMI Computer Replacement Options

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Have you thought about having a great crane Load Moment Indicator?

Load Moment Indicators, as the name suggests, is a way to know how much load is being lifted. 

With the help of simple electronic mechanisms, the crane operator can know a number of essential

things like how much weight is being lifted and also be warned if the load exceeds. In fact, 

many LMI’s, as Load Moment Indicators are called have a system where the crane stops functioning

when overloading occurs. The crane operator can know with ease all important data sitting right in the cabin

How does this help?

Overloading is one of the most common causes of crane accidents. With a good Load Monitoring System, 

that acts as a part of the overall safety warning system of the crane. The LMI compares the load capacity

of the crane taking into account a number of factors including weather conditions as well as the actual 

capacity of the crane. This will ensure that coworkers on the project as well as passerby’s are protected.

General information

Installing crane warning systems are a great way to ensure that your project is completed successfully. 

With the right Load Moment Indicator, you can rest assured that you can work with ease without worrying 

about crane accidents due to overloading.  A proper LMI system will warn the crane operator with   

buzzers and lights whenever overloading occurs thus ensuring that crane work is carried out safely and securely.

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