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WTL-A200 Crane LMI / The best crane safe load indicator (SLI)system for boom truck mounted crane
2019-09-29 11:52:44

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  Recently ,we meet lots of  customer inquiried about the boom truck mounted crane use safe load indicator system.

Here we introduce our WTL-A200 safe load indicator systems which designed for boom  truck mounted crane , lorry crane ,cargo crane  use (suitable for Tadano&Unic&Donyang&XCMG boom truck mounted crane LMI replacement).


   A complete LMI/SLI  replacement system can often be installed in a day and includes, computer, display, load cells, boom length angle sensor, and anti two block limit switches.


   If you need assistance with Boom truck mounted crane LMI computer replacemnt contact us +15507209968whatsappor email: info@wtau.com


Technology of a Safe Crane Lift –

WTL-A200 Crane Sli for Tadano lorry crane


How to  make the dongyang boom truck crane safe load indicator (SLI) system installation ?


Instalaltion Postion Sketch of WTL-A200 crane  safe load indicator (SLI)load moment indicator (LMI) mounted on boom truck crane


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