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WTAU in Enthusiastic Africa - Nigeria trip
2019-07-26 16:22:47


The vast African crane market has always been the focus of Weite's business focus, especially the Nigerian crane safety market which has been particularly active for a long time. For the past continuous three years no matter the mobile cranes, crawler cranes or offshore cranes, WTAU as well-known crane safety brand, its star products load moment indicator (also called safe load indicator/crane computer) WTL-A700  (LCD touch screen with Graphic symbols and software programming) has been wide spreaded in Africa. 

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For overseas crane users what they concerned most tends to quality, ease of use and after-sales service. WTAU, as a 17-year crane safety protection expert in the crane industry,  there is no doubt about the quality and ease of use. Thus the rest after-sales installation and commissioning have been a trouble for some customers. In order to better solve this problem, the company made the decision to assign African country manager Ms. Laven and overseas after-sales engineers Mr. Jerry to opened a 15-day trip to Africa in July– offering after-sales guidance and officially visiting and maintaining the relationship with both already-cooperative and potential customers.


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