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Weite Technologies participated in 2019 Philippine Maritime Exhibition
2019-07-10 11:31:22


The status of Philippines maritime industry is still in start-up stage with underestimated potential whether for its port industry or construction machinery industry. From June 18- 20, 2019, director Mr. NIE and overseas sales engineer Mark from Weite Technologies Co., Ltd arrived in the exhibition with different sorts of crane lifting safety devices for maritime industry, including Load moment indicator WTL-A700( which is widely used in the local market) and offshore maine crane safe monitoringy system WT650V3.


Besides philipine local crane companies, many Taiwan crane companies are also actively involved in local engineering projects. After knowing that WTAU personnel came to participate in this exhibition, local customers warmly invited us for a reunion, and gave a thumbs up to Wei Te's products and services. In the future, we will contribute more to the cranes protections in Philippines.


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